First workshop at Romanian test site Hunedoara

Hunedoara is a city in Transylvania, Romania. The city was first documented in 1265, although there are even earlier signs of human inhabitation and iron extraction and processing in the area. According to the latest census (2002), the number of inhabitants in Hunedoara was about 71,500, down from a peak of 89,000 inhabitants before 1989. This demographic decline paralleled the industrial decline experienced by the steel plant in Hunedoara. Since 2004, ECO SID Ltd., a company owned by the Hunedoara local council, took over the administration of the 138 ha large site and began “the noble task of giving back to the community a place in which the future will show that nothing is impossible”, according to the company’s web site. The current ECO SID brownfield in Hunedoara is located in the South-West area of the city, not far from the city centre and the Hunyad castle, a well-known tourist attraction in Hunedoara. The current state of the brownfield includes various forms of contamination, including tar compounds, heavy metals and naphthalene.


The first timbre stakeholder and experts meeting brought together many actors interested in brownfields regeneration in Romania and in the revitalisation of the ECO SID site in Hunedora in particular.


Find out more about the workshop' annoucment here and see below for further information.


For more information on the timbre work packages' intentions for the event in the Information Sheets here.


Reports on the workshop in Romanian press and media

The event in Hunedoara was perceived by timbre project members as very successful to get into contact with relevant local and regional stakeholders, but also from a dissemination perspective, the reporting in the region of the Timbre test case in Hunedoara can be referred to as a success. The event found a significant echo in local and regional media:

10th October 2011 in journal Servus Hunedoara:
SOLUŢII EUROPENE - Revitalizarea arealului fostului combinat siderurgic din Hunedoara
[EUROPEAN SOLUTIONS - Revitalization of the area of the former steel plant in Hunedoara]

11th October 2011 on TV Antena 1:
Observator Proiect pentru Hunedoara

Project in Hunedoara

11th October 2011 on TV Hunedoara TV

12th October 2011 in journal Mesagerul Hunedoara:
Fosta platformă siderurgică din Hunedoara, inclusă într-un proiect de cercetare european
[Site of former Hunedoara steel plant, included in a European research project]

12th October 2011 in journal Servus Hunedoara:
SOLUŢII PENTRU VIITOR Situl de la Ecosid Hunedoara, subiect de cercetare pentru specialişti

[SOLUTIONS FOR THE FUTURE: The site of the Ecosid Hunedoara - Research topic for specialists]

13th-19th October 2011 in journal Replica:
Ruinele combinatului intra in atentia europenilor
[Ruins of plant within the attention of Europeans]

14th-20th October 2011 in journal Accent:
Fosta platformă siderurgică, inclusă într-un proiect de cercetare european
[Site of former steel plant included in a European research project]

21st October 2011 in journal Servus Hunedoara:
Simpozionul TIMBRE – ECO SID Hunedoara
[TIMBRE stakeholder symposium - ECO SID Hunedoara]