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timbre aims to open the door to a new way of understanding megasite regeneration and participation as part of one toolkit suite where one side cannot blossom without the other. To this end, it is crucial that the project consortium is able to carry through case studies in different countries with different cultural, ecological, and economic conditions. With the partners at hand in all research topics and the local contacts timbre will have the potential for offering an outstanding platform to improve European brownfield regeneration processes.

A unique asset of the timbre project is the availability of registers and sites which will are used for case studies to demonstrate the practical applicability of brownfield regeneration approaches, technologies, and tools. The available sites and registers represent a European average in terms of locations, on and off-site conditions and are envisaged for testing of approaches and pilot applications of technologies.

To learn more about the timbre sites, visit their specific descriptions.

timbre demonstrations sites

timbre registers

Map of timbre sites in Central and Eastern Europe

Map of timbre sites in Central and Eastern Europe
Map of timbre application sites in Central and Eastern Europe