TIMBRE Workshop: Supporting a future for the contaminated sites in Szprotawa

The workshop took place on 29.03.2012 at the town hall of the Municipality of Szprotawa. The title of the workshop was “Supporting a future for the contaminated sites in Szprotawa. Information on activities of the research project Timbre was presented with discussion of stakeholders’ and researchers’ needs. Over 60 stakeholders interested in the future development of the former military base in Szprotawa participated in the event.

Regional and local experts, as well as stakeholders for whom the history of Szprotawa and future perspectives of this area is vital, took part in the meeting. Deputy Mayor of Szprotawa Paweł Chylak welcomed the participants of the workshop expressing his expectations for redevelopment of the site. Maciej Boryna presented the military history of this area emphasizing the need for protection of the cultural and historical values of the site. To illustrate the history of the site a film about the last days of Soviet army spent in the air base was shown.

Representatives from the Municipality of Szprotawa made an introduction about the activities carried out on former military base during the last 20 years as well as plans for the future. Current activities undertaken by the municipality were presented with the hopes of economic development in the established Special Economic Zone. Participants listened with high interest to the story of Bronisław Hac, who was involved in characterisation of the contamination on the site as well as in baseline cleaning of the ground carried out in the 90-es of the 20th century. Nevertheless, as Deputy Mayor of Szprotawa Paweł Chylak noticed, that in regard to the plans of developments of Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone (part of the site belongs to this zone) and efforts of Municipality of Szprotawa Town aimed at attracting of new investors, it is important to carry out further investigations with the use of innovative methods.

The issue of risk assessment related to contamination was discussed by Wojciech Irmiński who gave an overview of another Timbre site in Poland, which is the site of former wood impregnation facility in Solec Kujawski. The land use planning with regard to the contamination was emphasized as the key challenge to be tackled in both Timbre sites.

Importance of good site characterization, risk assessment and selection of remediation technologies was reviewed by Sebastian Schädler who gave an overview of the Timbre integrated planning tool and its use for planning of future development in Szprotawa site.

Responding to the interest of the local administration Eugeniu Martac presented Timbre approach to investigation of Szprotawa site based on variety of reliable techniques.

Deputy Mayor of Szprotawa Paweł Chylak emphasized at the end of the workshop that he is very interested in results of Timbre project because he hopes that in the future he will manage to clean the whole area of this site and revitalize it.

In the evening the guided tour by the former military base in Szprotawa site was organized. The workshop was an opportunity for meeting of partners of Timbre project consortium with local stakeholders. During the workshop, aims of the project, as well as plans for the future and results, were discussed.

Watch a short report of a local TV station (in Polish) here.

Impressions: Welcome notes

Welcome notes: Deputy Mayor of Szprotawa Paweł Chylak. Further to the right side: Stephan Bartke (Timbre coordinator, UFZ) and Janusz Krupanek (Coordinator of Timbre activities in Poland, IETU)
Welcome notes: Deputy Mayor of Szprotawa Paweł Chylak. Further to the right side: Stephan Bartke (Timbre coordinator, UFZ) and Janusz Krupanek (Coordinator of Timbre activities in Poland, IETU)

Impressions: Guided tour

Guided tour by the former military base in Szprotawa
Guided tour by the former military base in Szprotawa

Reports on the workshop in Polish media / fora

Szprotawa Warsztaty TIMBRE.mpg from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyPDZ4opALw
Paweł Chylak, Zastępca Burmistrza Szprotawy [Deputy Mayor Szprotawa]

13th March 2012 on http://lubuskie.pl:
Warsztaty w Lubuskiem - rewitalizacja terenów zdegradowanych
[Workshops in Lubuskie - revitalization of degraded areas]

14th March 2012 on http://www.szprotawa.pl:
Szanse dla lotniska w Wiechlicach
[Opportunities for Airport Wiechlicach]

29th March 2012 on TVL report by Krzysztof Witulski from http://www.youtube.com:
Szprotawa Warsztaty TIMBRE
[Szprotawa workshop TIMBRE]


Workshop background and announcement information

On March 29th 2012, Timbre will convene a event in Szprotawa, where one of the project's test cases is located. Regional and local stakeholders and experts are invited along with all those interested in the history, legacy and possible future of the former Soviet airbase site.

The Timbre organisers are particularly interested in the opinions and experiences of everyone concerned about the fate of the Szprotawa site. For this reason, the symposium is open to all interested citizens and invites you on March 29, 2012 at 9:00 at the Town Hall to take part in this event. Find out more about this workshop and how to register here (English) or here (Polish).

Expected participants

Timbre invites all persons and institutions interested in the re-development of brownfields and former industrial sites in Szprotawa to this event to share with us your knowledge, experiences and needs.

Especially, we invite representatives from the public authorities, consultants and planners, site developers in as much as further interested stakeholders, such as NGOs, citizens’ groups and interested non-experts are cordially invited to join in this event to exchange knowledge and to ensure that the timbre project benefits from the highest quality of information available at the local and regional level.


  • 09:00 Registration
  • 09:30 Welcome notes and Introductory round of participants
  • 10:00 Introduction to the timbre project

IAn overview about the objectives and Polish activities of the research project Timbre

  • 10:15 The "Former Soviet air base (JAR) in Szprotawa” - History and plans for the future
  • 10:30 Timbre research objectives in Szprotawa
  • 11:30 Coffee Break
  • 11:45 Discussion Round

Stakeholders’ interests and concerns are asked for in a round table discussion with statements and comments of stakeholders’ regarding their perspectives, expectations, requirements, etc.
Researchers’ interests and concerns shall be discussed too: What are timbre researchers objectives and interest for data availability, collaboration or interviews?

  • 12:45 Lunch Break
  • 14:00 Site visit

In the afternoon, participants can choose to learn more about the innovative technologies to be tested in timbre or to learn more about the history of the former Soviet air base (JAR) in Szprotawa.

  • 16:00 Closure

Find more about the agneda and on how to register here (English) or here (Polish).


Szprotawa City Hall
ul. Rynek 45
67-300 Szprotawa

Information Brochure

A package contains information on the TIMBRE project funded by the European Union: The seven work packages included in the project are each described on a separate page. Each work package is, in turn, managed by a team of TIMBRE specialists, whose contact data can be found at the bottom of each page: Click here to download the Information brochure for this event.

Announcement: Workshop in Zielona Góra on March 28th, 2012

Please note: On the day previouse to the timbre event in Sprotawa, we do cordially invite interested actors to participate in the timbre event to be held in the Zielona Góra: “Revitalisation of contaminated sites in Poland – State of the art.”