Factors (Success factor)

Generally defined, a factor is anything that contributes to a result or a process. In the Timbre context, the success factors are considered facts (conditions, circumstances, actors, agencies) that are determinants and/or contributors to the successful regeneration of brownfields (i.e., input variables), in such a way that they (i) are the causes of the fact that some brownfields have become objects of concern by investors, politicians, experts, or other actors; (ii) have been prioritized as the most critical, urgent, or profitable to invest money, time and energy into; (iii) have been regenerated and newly used, while other sites are out of attention, stay neglected and derelict, or the process of their regeneration has not been successfully completed. The objective of WP3 has been to survey, identify and classify factors which are significant for a successful regeneration process. The factors that have been selected as the most significant are to become the basis of the prioritization methodology and the prioritization tool. In the existing brownfield literature, the (success) factors are alternatively called criteria or variables.