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Publicaţii ale proiectului sunt prezentate aici, de îndată ce ajung disponibile.


Timbre Information Sheets for Romanian Stakeholders [English and Romanian language] --> Download

Bartke, S. (2011): TIMBRE, Nicole News October 2011, 8. --> Download

Finkel, M.; Morio, M.; Schädler, S. et al. (2011): "SAFIRA II / TIMBRE WP6 Megasite Management Toolsuite : Ganzheitliche Bewertung von MNutzungsstrategien für Brachflächen: Ein kurzer Überblick der Toolsuite", Presentation at Ingenieurtechnischer Verband für Altlastenmanagement und Flächenrecycling (German Association of Remediation Engineers) C5 meeting, 30. Sep. in Leipzig. --> Download

Pizzol, L.; Giubilato, E.; Critto, A. et al. (2011): "Development of an expert system for optimizing the evaluation and selection of risk based approaches and technologies for brownfield rehabilitation: Perspectives from TIMBRE Project”, Poster at GEOMED 2011, 4th International Conference on Medical Geology, 20.-25. Sep. in Bari. --> Download

Bartke, S. (2011): "Tailored Improvement of Brownfield Regeneration in Europe", Poster at Brownfields 2011, 03.-05. Apr. in Philadelphia --> Download poster and download handout.


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